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It is believed that life is a gift given to mankind by a supreme being to fulfill purpose here on Earth. This purpose will in turn bring us happiness and fulfillment. This cuts across to every person, we have lived enough outside purpose and then has terribly placed quite number of people in depression, mental instability and social underfluence, permit the last word

This supreme being has deposited an iota of greatness in every human being. Meaning, you can’t afford to live a basic life, roam like headless chicken or work out of your own real life purpose. Remember the great Mohammed Ali, that boy from Louisiana, who defy all odds and gave black race a stand in the States. Everything you’ve read from this piece is pointing to the fact that you have greatness inside of you. The only barrier standing between you and your purpose is no one but you. Everything a man could ever become in life is embedded in his or her purpose.

My Real talk, today is to ask you genuinely, have you found your purpose? or you already living it. Whichever is the case, don’t let people’s opinion become your own reality, a lot of people have failed, they are wrestling with life, they don’t happen to life, life is happening to them.
Ponder on the essence of having this purpose, how it will change the world just like Steve Job did with Apple and quite number of people are yet raising the bar to have an imprint. In case you don’t know Ask your self what is that thing that you enjoy doing, that you can’t go hours without getting fagged out. Jobs you would voluntarily offer your expertise, that exactly is real identity you are made of. Value for value find that purpose today and keep at it you would be glad you did. What’s your passion?

Thanks for reading today’s article about Life, I am very sure you will find the spark you needed to have at it. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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