Real Talk with Kemi Olundegun: The Blame Game.

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Between the lines we were once lost, having ourselves to blame, we are now held at the edge of a dangling rope. We owe so much to our thinking about having to exhaust it on politicking, ritualism, abduction, and swindling. We wail our uttermost regrets, the government is shoddy, the economy is defective
The man is not good enough and claims a simple woman is not up to my taste. What a rally! Needless razzle. We are the proud owner of our pride, we swallow hearts to show our guts, even to gentle things.
My question is who are you?
Why do we keep playing the blame game? I do think that every now and then we all need to evaluate ourselves before our actions say otherwise and we can’t handle our needless behaves. Face the hiccups squarely; have you once again, asked yourself if you’re right standing with who you are and ought to be. How well do you know yourself? I mean on a scale of one to ten would you consider a very even number of 8 against oddity of 7?
Now read this
* Your mindset to life
*Your drive to be successful
*Your ability to empathize
*Your level of compassion
*Your ability to love
*Your weakness
*Your strength…
My Real talk…
Before you play the blame game next time, take a minute to look inwards first to see if there’s a character you need to set straight. Don’t be too quick to judge the next person.
It’s your girl….kemi Olundegun…
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