Real Talk with Kemi Olundegun;

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Oh I like him tall, dark, rich and handsome.

I like her pretty, smart and independent.

Don’t we all want it going good for us? Trust me, there’s nothing wrong in being desirous of something good. Many might call it fantasy but I tell you it’s a fantastic thing to think and dream out loud because it actually takes guts to think of glory. Despite all these, are you willing or ready to sacrifice so much to get the best deal from life as you desire to.


Having exhaust the first paragraph on our fantasies and interests in life, I know every of my darling Real-talkers are ready to find the love of their life and mingle, including you.

Let’s zoom in on the most likely top of single men and ladies criteria, those things you are  looking for in a partner that would be acceptable by the world, I know your list is endless. Putting aside what you really need in a partner, people often forget or don’t actually know what  or why they need a partner.

Now according to personal survey people’s reasons where.



Financial security

Some ladies would say ‘I just wanna be Mrs. somebody’ or “all my friends have gotten married”

Some Men would say I need a woman to cook and give me children.

So they set out looking for a partner for the wrong reason

Now don’t crucify me yet,

Finding a partner does entail some of the above mentioned reasons but getting it wrong is when they are your priority reasons.


My Real Talk;

Please find a partner that completes you.

A partner that would be your strength in your weakness.

A true friend and companion to share life with, through thick and thin.

A partner who would be your biggest fan and supporter even when you are at your worst.

A partner with a conscience.

A partner that believes in you.

Get your priorities right when you’re in search of a partner, don’t get carried away by those romantic movies and soap opera’s.

Marriage is reality and not a fairy tale.

But most of all in your search please make sure you find LOVE.

Till I come your way again, it’s your girl Kemi Olundegun.

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