Straight-out with Temitope Adeogun; How well do you know Hakeem Effect?

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There’s no limit to your style of art and how you’ve been flaunting your wild imaginations with special effect on people. I am very sure, a lot of people would like to know more about. Before we delve further, Can you kindly introduce yourself and what you do

My name is Hakeem onilogbo popularly known as Hakeem effect, multiple award winning makeup artist. I’ll leave it at that.

The world is approaching making a living from another dimension, skills are being improved daily and professionals are also thinking about job security outside job. For someone creative and skillful as you, how would you describe what you do and what makes you You

What makes me different from other special effect makeup artists in Nigeria is ‘my attention to details’.

Do you think interest in this field of art you are is raising a competitive bar and how can the market be exploited

I don’t think its raising a competitive bar, there’s room for that, rather it has been helping all makeup artists to be more creative in their field.

Do you think make up art can actually influence African movies to measure up with Hollywood and Bollywood

Special effect makeup is one of the very departments of film production that enhances film making through out the world. It has really helped the western world film industries to the top, so it will definitely push Africa films to the top too.

How do you prioritize your work when you have multiple projects to complete

I have to finish one job before working on another production, because most of my clients always want me to do the job myself. Most of them are always patient with me. If i assign someone they are not always cool with it.

How do you feel when AMAA handed you award for best makeup artist in Africa for two consecutive years

I was very happy and I thank AMAA for doing justice to the award.

Do you also train people, what is your biggest challenge so far dealing with people who does not have the creative juices required for such craft?

I have trained people in the past, but now my management stopped that because we are trying to set up a training center in a bigger form. For those who don’t have the talent, we train them. The training we give them is different from the training we give to the person that is creative or has talent already.

I know a handsome man like you can never be single, I guess right

Lol. I’m married with beautiful children.

What are your desires

My desires… Just to live a good life, to be good to people and to finish my assignment on earth before returning to my creator….because every one on this planet was given an assignment.

Tell us what your normal day looks like

My normal day is just like every other people’s daily routine… Go to work, relax, sleep and every day bustling and hustling.. A lot of experiment on special effects.

If you have opportunity to shoot a bear or a gorilla which would you gun down first

I am not a killer so I can’t kill neither a bear nor gorilla.

Your Hobbies

My hobby is sketching/painting.

Give a priceless gift to your fans out there.

To my fans, thanks for your support and comments and don’t forget to find your purpose in life. Because we are here on an assignment, ask God to show you your purpose, our purpose in life is simply the assignment we are given… I’m doing mine and I won’t stop stretching your imagination.

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80 shares, 565 points

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