The Real Talk with Kemi Olundegun; LOVE IS BECOMING MUNDANE

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Almost everything concerning life is slowly losing its value.
Let’s take relationships as a case study,
Very few Nigerian men actually believe in asking a woman out traditionally, it’s becoming mundane with this generation. Don’t scold me yet, I belong to Y generation as well. I mean very few guys want to spend time with a woman without wanting to get sexually involved with her…. its more like going out should eventually lead to having sex. It’s a quotidian exercise that is very much with us. Some of us even live it without knowing or observe it, a habit we are yet to unlearn.
Have you ever imagine, where are those good old days? Phew! all gone if you would agree with me. Those pleasing moments when a guy would admire you from a distance before approaching you, no ulterior motives, no selfish ravenous wild beast thoughts. That prudent thinking, all effortful try just to be a friend first before even asking you out on a date, which when you guys agree to rendezvous. His rectitude for that day would be nothing other than getting to know you better, understanding your likes and dislikes… both of you engaging in mind-blowing discussions about your dreams and aspirations, getting to know what you guys have in common and actually trying to see if you two would be just good as friends or even more. How you would give each other random calls just to check up afterward. This culture of a companionable young man or woman is all that mattered then. Things haven’t changed really much but we the people already change the way things are done. We affect the future and here we are. No wonder divorce rates in Nigeria is on the high side… Most of this mistakes point to the fact that the parties involved did not take their time to understand each other enough, not even well-enough to consider if they can be life partners or just friends.

Talk is so cheap now that the statement
“I LOVE YOU” is slowly beginning to seem like the word ‘Hi’……
My ‘Real Talk’ People permit me to say this,

Love is the greatest gift to mankind
It breaks barriers
It speaks all languages
It melts the toughest hearts
It cuts across tribes, traditions, and lifestyle.

Whatever you do my darlings do not allow the trends of today make you forget how beautiful true love can be.

If you have experienced true love or currently living with one please share, you might be changing someone’s perception out there. Send me an email today

Please join me in my next article and let’s indulge in matters that matter… it’s your girl……Kemi Olundegun, enjoy the rest of your day

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  1. This is an awesome write up… I wish we can all fall back on this tracked that majority have derailed from. Good 1 Super Woman @Kimilicious